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In 1999, offices that previously comprised the Southwest region of Campos & Stratis joined with Buchanan & Associates to begin practicing as Buchanan Clarke Schlader LLP. John Buchanan and Mike Clarke have been serving the property / casualty insurance community and litigation counsel both domestically and worldwide since the early 1980's. Suzanne Francisco, Ashley Hansen, Kurt Harms , Peter Jones and Dave Schlader joined as partners in the practice in January 1999. Shortly after the formation of BCS, we added the Indianapolis office (also a former Campos & Stratis office) with two experienced partners in Steven Meils and Diane Ebling.

In 2007 we added two new offices to the existing BCS locations. These offices provided more extensive geographical presence in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida. Ken Brown, Partner joined the firm in our Los Angeles office. Jay Cardarette was promoted to Partner in 2010 and is in our Atlanta, Georgia office.

By forming and expanding Buchanan Clarke Schlader LLP, we hope to continue providing our clients with the unparalleled service and expertise upon which they have come to rely.

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